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W dniu 3.04.2022 o 10:32, Tyr napisał:

Ciekawe jakim kalibrem do niego strzelali, znaczy próbowali... Dwa rozmiary śladów.  W tym okresie najpopularniejsze były 76 i 85...

Interestingly enough, the tank had four marks from high caliber armour piercing shells on its left side. Another mark was made on the left side of the dummy turret. It is not possible for these marks to have been made by Soviet guns. Nine similar marks were present in the front plate. The tank stood parallel to a forest, and it was not possible to shoot at the front from any other angle. By the time the tank was discovered, it was already immobile, so it was impossible to rotate it for trials. In other words, the Germans themselves shot at the tank. It's possible that the other prototype was responsible. By the time the tank was discovered, it had welded on holders for spare track links in the front, with three impact marks in the area.


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