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POLSKIE zdjęcia z września 1939

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40 minut temu, Spirit of Warsaw napisał:

Zdjęcie-symbol. Mimo, że jest tak znane, to kazdy chyba się podpisze, że trzeba je często przypominać

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W dniu ‎23‎.‎09‎.‎2019 o 12:34, formoza58 napisał:

Chyba ta sama niemiecka załoga .

wrzes lotnik.jpg

Oryginalny opis do zdjęcia:

Title Group of Polish officers and soldiers with a German pilot taken as a prisoner of war    
Date 1939-09    
Photographer’s Note German pilot shot down in one of the first air raids on Warsaw. "Shot Down in Action. The Nazi airman shot during an air raid over Warsaw, awaits the decision of the Polish officers as to what shall be done with him. Ironically, enough, he is being detained in the courtyard of a small German mission church in the capitol." Forman's caption in his article featuring this image. "Filming the Blitzkrieg." Travel. December 1939. Vol. 74 No. 2.    
Photographer Forman, Harrison, 1904-1978    
Description "The officers were given private rooms and accorded every military courtesy. I must admit I did think part of all this was put on for my recording newsreel camera. But this suspicion was quickly dispelled when one day I saw a squad of Polish soldiers marching up the street with two German pilots shot down in the just- finished air raid over Warsaw. A howling, hooting mob trailed behind, waving fists and shouting curses. They were kept from rushing in and tearing the airmen apart only by the bayonets on their own Polish soldiers. I followed into the prison compound, and ground away. The feature of that certainly unrehearsed sequence was a Polish colonel helping one of the wounded pilots pull off a boot from his injured leg. They were seemingly intelligent young fellows, these pilots. Still in their early twenties." Harrison Forman. (1939).



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25 minut temu, formoza58 napisał:

Jw... Cmentarz przy kościele św. Borneusza przy Chłodnej.

ezw cmen przy sz boromeuszu na chlodnej.jpg

wrze wwa cment na chlodnej.JPG

Drobna literówka - św. Boromeusza

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Raczej nie literówka, lecz moje roztargnienie 😞  Tyle ostatnio siedziałem w listach w listach poległych w tej parafii, a tu takie  " baach"... Sorki 😉 

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