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bomby nadal wybuchają

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Na filmie moment detonacji .


It was not immediately clear what caused a blast so powerful that it registered as a minor earthquake.

The blast, at 03:52 (01:52 GMT) on Sunday, startled residents near the central German town of Limburg, leaving a crater 10m (33ft) wide and four metres deep in a field.

A photo taken by a drone later revealed the impact of the night-time explosion.

Initially police said "no definitive indication" had been found of a suspected unexploded bomb.

But, on close inspection of the corn field in Ahlbach, bomb disposal experts decided it was "with almost absolute certainty" a World War Two bomb. They believed it was a 250kg (550lb) bomb dropped by a plane.

People look at a crater in a field in Ahlbach, Germany, 24 June 201Image copyrightEPA Image captionExperts said it was not surprising that no remains of the bomb had been found

Unexploded bombs are regularly found across Germany, frequently causing disruption while they are defused by disposal experts.

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More on unexploded wartime bombs in Germany


Media captionThe moment an unexploded WW2 bomb was detonated in Munich in 2012



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