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Ford Tf-c (FT B) replica

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Dear Odkrywca,

I am a U.S. collector of military vehicles and I want to build a Ford Tf-c (FT B) replica like the one our organization has reproduced. I have the Ford Model T running gear but lack appropriate blueprints and specifications for constructing the body. Would you have this information available? I am looking for information such as panel dimensions and the necessary measurements for constructing the armored body as well as frame and steering modifications.

If you can help, please let me know or possibly put me in contact with the appropriate person.

Thank you!

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Thank you Bocian for posting my request!!!!! :)

Hello from the U.S.A.! Does anyone here know the person or persons here on Odkrywca that built the Ford Tf-c replica?

I would like to be put in contact with them and if possible obtain a set of plans or measurements so that I can build a replica. I have a spare Ford model T frame and would like to buld one.

Can anyone give me some leads or is this information available on the internet?


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EZFEED, below is the link for the thread that was dealing with reconstruction of this vehicle.

To my understanding, the work was done in the museum of the industry in Warsaw ( Muzeum Przemysłu w Warszawie, http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzeum_Przemys%C5%82u) but unfortunately the place no longer exist (it was closed in 2008). If I am not mistaken, some of the exhibits migrated to the museum of technology (http://www.muzeum-techniki.waw.pl/educd/index.php?page=en/en)

In the thread, not much is said about the measurements, there is a mention of a book (in Polish) that generally describes the length, width, and height of the vehicle, but nothing specific as far as I can tell. There was a lengthy discussion about the paint job and the type of camo to be used.

The thread was initiated by user under the name of michalmiazga" (Mike the crusher, or the one that was crushed, depending on context). If you need, I will be more then happy to serve as translator for you, time permitting.

Where in the US are you located at?
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Thank you so very much M164U!!!!
I sent an email to him an hopefully will recieve a response!

Thank you for the link too! :)
I am thinking that if I cannot obtain specifications I may just purchase a scale model and attempt to build my replica using the model. This would be last resort of course.

I live in Lafayette, Louisiana. If you are not familiar with the state then let me know and I will post a map.:)
I collect all sorts of militaria and vehicles. I recently imported a Czech PLDvK 53/59 and am doing some work on it. I would like to add the Tf-c to my collection considering that I have a spare chassis and running gear.

Are you in the U.S.?
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EZ, let me know how it goes, I can e-mail him in Polish too, if you want.

I found some helpful links (some in English) in regards to the subject matter:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samoch%C3%B3d_Pancerny_Ford_Tfc - wikipedia info
http://www.gamahobby.com/x_C_I__P_5512310.html - model 1:25
http://www.polandbymail.com/get_item_rpm35012_model-kit-ford-tfc-armored.htm - same thing model 1:35
http://www.wojsko18-39.internetdsl.pl/wrzesien/sampancerne.html - more info in Polish

Also some of the links mention the following books and pulications (you might be able to purchase some of them using Polish on-line auctions such as www.allegro.pl):
1. Leonard Żyrkiewicz SAMOCHODY PANCERNE", W.I.N.; Warsaw. 1928
2. Janusz Magnuski, Samochody pancerne Wojska Polskiego 1918-1939", WiS; Warsaw 1993.
3. Janusz Magnuski, Samochód pancerny Ford"; MMG, Warsaw 1990
4. M.Miazga, A.Godlewski Pierwsza polska pancerka Ford FT-B", Militaria XX w.
5. Jan Tarczyński, K. Barbarski, A. Jońca, Pojazdy w Wojsku Polskim - Polish Army Vehicles - 1918-1939"; Ajaks; Pruszkow 1995.
6. Piotr Zarzycki, Improwizowany samochód pancerny FT-B Model 1920"; Mlody Technik 11/1988.

Yeah, I live right above the Mason-Dixon Line, about 16 hour drive from Lafayette, although I got relatives close to Mobile (home of the USS Alabama) and I am there twice a year, so I would not mind seeing your collection one day:)
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It's me - Mike Crushed as my name was translated by one of colleagues:)

It's really nice that somebody far away is interesting in polish armored Ford T. I wonder whether numerous members of Ford T associations in USA knows that this machine was re-designed in this way in Europe.

EZ - I hope to be able to help you, lets continue the communication on prv.

Bocian - thanks for sharing the information!
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