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Znacie jakies ksiazki o Operacji Merkury" - Kreta 1941?

scapa flow

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Polecam francuskojęzyczny 39-45 Magazin" podtytuł L`operation Merkur", Les paras allemands sautent sur la Crete - wydanie jesli się nie mylę 1987 - zdjęcia takie że pełny opad szczęki gwarantowany.
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1. Crete 1941: Germany's Lightning Airborne Assault (Campaign) by Peter D. Antill, Howard Gerrard

2.Ten Days to Destiny: The Battle for Crete, 1941 by G. C. Kiriakopoulos

3. Crete 1941 : The Battle at Sea (Cassell Military Paperbacks) by David A. Thomas

4. Greece and Crete 1941 by Buckley

5. Op Mercury, The Fall of Crete 1941 by John Sadler

6. LOST BATTLE : CRETE 1941 by Macdonald

7. Daedalus returned: Crete 1941; by Friedrich August Heydte

8. The Nazi Occupation of Crete : 1941-1945 by G. C. Kiriakopoulos

9. Touch and Go: The Battle for Crete 1941 by David Smurthwaite

10. A near-run affair: New Zealanders in the battle for Crete, 1941 by Matthew Wright

11. Crete 1941, eyewitnessed by Kostas N Chatzepateras

12. Crete 1941 T by Thomas

13. Operation Mercury: The battle for Crete, 1941 by Tony Simpson

14. Nazi victory: Crete 1941 by David Arthur Thomas

Names and particulars of all Australian and New Zealand soldiers killed in action on the Island of Crete 1941 and who are buried in war cemeterys [sic] ... the past for the future, reference books) by James McClelland
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