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near Rastenburg or today Ketrzyn. Search A WW2 repair train Facility



hello, and sorry, i am French, i don't know Polish Language, so i hope you understand my Translated English.

Near Rastenburg or today Ketrzyn. on 1944. With Omnibus = 1 hour time, from Rastenburg Railway Station, to Reach the called "Fritz Lager".

So Rastenburg 1944, if Omnibus should from Railway Station run throw center city, or direct line out city to "Fritz Lager"??? But should are 1 hour time lapsed.

Was Rastenburg Bombarded so as city Berlin or another city in this year 1944. This should enter in laps time to reach "Fritz Lager" in one hour time.

So in August 1944, here near this Rastenburg City, near the "Fritz Lager" 15minutes walking from the Omnibus Stop station "Fritz Lager" was a Train repair not shop; but one to one which could house the Panzerzug 72 BP42, i think it was disassemble part, So Locomotive and different wagon, or Railwaycar.

I don't be able to find this "Fritz Lager", Fritz Todt near Rastenburg, Dead with airplane in year 1942, i think, the Lager was called to honour to Todt.

So Before Ww2, if Train you'r train "Danuta" Go to Repair Facility near Ketzryn, wo she go it?

To repair Facility, i think, it give or have give old Railway line wo should link to Ketzryn. So as are able to any train to reach the repair station.


Thank's for all help.

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THANKS. and sorry. So, do you know of the said place "Fritz Lager" and the place where the trains were repaired in this region, a 15 minute walk from the said "Fritz lager"?


DZIĘKI. i przepraszam. Czy znasz zatem wspomniane miejsce „Fritz Lager” i miejsce, w którym naprawiano pociągi w tym regionie, 15 minut spacerem od wspomnianego „Fritz Lager”?

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