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Hello all,

I just signed up and since I don't speak Polish (although I like the bands Vader and Behemoth if that counts!) I thought it more polite to post in the English section first.

Presently, I'm writing a military history book for Ospery Publishing (London) that deals, in part, with the fighting at Wiecbork, Lomza, and Piatek (R. Bzura area) during the September 1939 campaign. While I was reading some of the related information on the Odkrywca site I found numerous photos of the period. Many would make a nice addition to the book, but I'm not sure how I'd go about contacting any of the owners to ask permission to use a few digital copies. I'd, of course, provide proper credit,  and could see if my editor could provide a copy as a 'thank you'.

Thanks for any insight.

David Higgins

Columbus, Ohio US 



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1 hour ago, Barbapapa said:

Hello David,


Nice to meet you (virtually of course) here in Poland. Your interest in the 1939 campaign is rather unique I think, especially on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. So, let me help you a bit. There are two main possibilities to contact another forum user.

1. In the topic with the interesting photo make your own post but on the basis of the post with the photo you wold like to have (citation like I did here with your post). With the quotation the person who posted the photo should get the message on his mail and if he/she is still active to reply. But the language barrier might be another issue.

2. If you found some pics on this forum you know the nick of the person who posted it (and the date, when it happen). In the right upper corner of this web page (when you  are on) you have the envelope icon. This is kind of mail tool to contact directly. If the recipient of your message properly configured its own account he/she should get the alert mail on his private mail address.

You must also know, that most of the pictures here were found on the auction portals or simply in the net. So it may be the case, that the real owner is unknown. In that situation there are still some other options. Show some pictures you would like to have here in this topic, I will try to support you as much as possible.




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Slower than I would like. I need to gather 50 photos. I've acquired about 30. Some from NAC and about 15 from a private owner. A few from the National Archives here in the US. I've seen some nice photos listed on this site showing the German 32. Infanterie-Division near the River Brda and a few showing 30. Infanterie-Division positions after the Piatek/Bzura fighting. Haven't found the owners yet. I'll keep at it. I've at least been able to use the after action reports from the Polish formations I'm focusing on (22PP, 33PP, and 14DP), which should provide the readers with an accurate account of things. And as difficult as it is to read someone's cursive handwriting in my native language reading/translating handwriting in Polish is exponentially more difficult!

All the best,



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