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3 x antyczne monety


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moneta nr.3 to Constantius II

RIC 125 (VIII, Antioch), LRBC 2614 AE2 Obv: DNCONSTANTIVSPFAVG - Diademed (pearls), draped and cuirassed bust left, holding globe.
Rev: FELTEMPREPARATIO Exe: AN - Constantius II standing left, holding labarum and resting hand on shield; two captives to left. 348-350 (Antioch).

któraś z odmian/mennic


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nr.2 Grecja


New research suggests that this coin marks an eclipse of Jupiter by the moon. It happened on January 17, 121 BC and was visible in Antioch, the capital of the Seleucid Empire. The coin itself show Zeus with a crescent moon above his head and a star like object hovering above the palm of his right hand.
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