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metal detecting trip?

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Hi everyone like all of us im crazy abt. Metal detecting! In my country now where I live is a bit difficult to search for treasures, is strictly forbidden ...this country is Cyprus,! Im only allow to search beaches. Sometimes I going back to my lovely Poland, and I can spend days on the fields! I just love to wait
For signal and dig coins ect. Sadly in my country low is strange and is not that easy like years back...,!!???! Im very interested to go visit other countries to be able use my detecor freely, is not abt to find gold or stuff like that to be reach! Is abt pleasure to be on the field, and have adventure... pls let me know if someone have possibility to provide such a thing. ! Also I can provide similar metal detecting trip in Poland,... as I have farm fields, and know meny local farmers...regards. waldemar
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