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An unusual question from the Netherlands

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Let me introduce myself first. I'm Brian, 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

I'm an Urban Explorer and researching some locations in Poland I found this website. I don't speak Polish sadly but I can see there's a lot of information here about the Cold War.

For those wo don't know what an Urban Explorer is, we just like to visit abandoned structures and buildings.

You can view my Flickr here:
and this is the Flickr of one of my closest fellow Explorers:

Currently we are planning a trip to Poland and I stumbled upon this set on flickr:

I searched for hours and hours for this base but I can't find it. Is there an expert in here who could please help us? We really want to explore Poland but we aren't that good at searching locations in Poland, cause we don't understand Polish...

If there is somebody that has other nice locations which we could explore please let me know.

In reward we could provide you with locations across entire Europe, we currently own 2.500 locations and stil growing. And if you're not into Urbex we could possibly provide you with some highres pictures of our explorers, or link to your website on our Flickr. If you help us, we will help you if we can!

Brainerman and Rule

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