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  1. Penetrator, that is brilliant. And it has writing. I will have to try and enlarge it so I can read the fine print, and then try translating it into English if its in Polish. I was about to close my computer and go to bed, but now I am wide awake. Thank you so much. I will have to try and check out the book. After fifty years of working, this retirement thing is pretty good. Blueprints, mate, you and Barbapapa are great. Thanks so much, Kevin.
  2. Thanks a lot Barbapapa. That's great. It looks quite professional looking, doesn't it. I wonder what the letters etc stand for. Pity there's not a code or reference list. I'll have to research it a bit, and see what my brilliance, or more likely lack of brilliance comes up with. Haha. thanks again mate. That is a good start.
  3. Hi folks. Sorry I don't speak Polish, I live in Tasmania, Australia on the opposite side of the planet. What I'm trying to find out is, are there any floor plans or blueprints or even rough drawn outlines of what Hitler's bunker looked like inside. Such as corridors, rooms and anything else. I have seen a few that might be someone's imagination, and a few which I don't know if they are the real thing or not. I have seen one on Gorings and one on Bormanns, but not sure about any others, only pictures of crumbled concrete. would anybody be able to help me out, or send me a blueprint or floorplan. thank you all kindly, Kevin from Tassie.
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