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  1. https://m.lauritz.com/en/auction/skulptur-napoleon/i1995505/?ver=3c http://www.artnet.com/artists/bust-of-napolean-as-general-ac-BSGWybkLYDOzzYGr7Pwwpw2 „ This regal terracotta bust of Napoleon Bonaparte after J. Stein captures the legendary future Emperor as a young general, with youthful promise and decisiveness clearly portrayed in his unlined features. His portrayal here is notably different from the short-haired Emperor seen in later Napoleonic imagery, capturing him instead as Antoine-Jean Gros had in his celebrated General Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole, 17 November, 1796. Handsome and brave, this Napoleon represents the conquering military hero of his early campaigns. The sculptor deftly captures the young general’s heroic spirit, with his tense expression emphasizing his fearless determination. „ Autor Carl Stenders zmarł w 1902 roku więc data 1899, która widnieje jest pewnie datą wykonania.
  2. http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/photos-papers-propaganda-third-reich/luftsport-hilft-deutschland-597826/
  3. 1 krajcar, Prusy. https://pl.ucoin.net/coin/prussia-1-kreuzer-1797/?ucid=21281414
  4. http://allegro.pl/monety-3-szt-w-pudelkach-klaser-do-rozpoznania-i6332820611.html
  5. http://www.allegromat.pl/aukcja151848
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