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  1. I'm not sure about the past centuries, but a limestone deposit has been discovered some 100 km to the north-west from this area in the late 1980s.
  2. To Ptasznik:. Good question. Until 1971, a cast iron foundry (odlewnia żeliwa) worked in Malyn. So, technically, the iron mines could have been around the city. I'll try to find more information.
  3. ОК, maybe we may apply the exclusion method. This is neither wind nor water mill. This is not a tavern. I was thinking about a "folwark" but then rejected this idea as the number of such symbols on the map seems to be insufficient for this proposition. To Erih: Thanks! You just gave me another idea. If this symbol had multiple meanings, e.g., "dymarka", "wapiennik", "smolarnia" or any other mine or facility, no surprise it was not included in the map legend. Does it sound reasonable?
  4. To Bartee: Amazing! Thanks a lot for your help. I've just compared two fragments from these maps and they match perfectly! Including the symbol in question. I wonder why did the author skip it in the legend? I guess this should be something well-known. By the way, does the "Karta dawnej Polski z przyległymi okolicami krajów sąsiednich" cover the same time period (edge of the XVI–XVII cent.) as the "Atlas..." does?
  5. To Ptasznik: thanks a lot! I have no doubt such facilities existed. At the same time, I'm still hoping to find a map legend, where this icon (or similar) is shown with a caption.
  6. Thanks for the response! I see your point. Do you have any references, where such "dymarki" are shown on the map? I was trying to find the legend for the Atlas historyczny Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej but found nothing yet.
  7. Hi there! I need help with the identification of the signs (outlined yellow on the image attached), that appear here and there on the map and look like a tent or building with a wisp of smoke coming out from its top. Does anyone know what does this kind of sign represents? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Alex
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